Who is Adam Adha Ashraf ?

Adam Adha Bin Ahmad Ashraf is the name given by both of my beloved parents Mr. Ahmad Ashraf Bin Yusof and Mrs. Azian Binti Ahmad. Indeed, I was the first child out of my younger brother and definitely I am holding the dominant responsibility in the family to show good example as the elder brother. Besides, I was safely born in Hospital Kuala Lumpur on the 13th March 2001 and currently is living with my small family in Semenyih.

Additionally, my education since primary school until the secondary school was located nearby my house which is in SKS and SMKBR respectively. Nevertheless, I am currently pursuing my study in UiTM Rembau, Negeri Sembilan in the level of Diploma. Most importantly, my ambition is absolutely to be one of the successful Web Content Managers in a well-known company and currently I am struggling on my study in an effort to achieve my future goals.

Therefore below are the most power quotes that always motivated me in studying and pursuing my career:

"Learning without thinking is useless. Think without learning, dangerous" (Confucius)

In fact, several values that can be seen in myself are I am the responsible and hardworking person especially in completing my task before the due date as to prevent procrastination. Besides, I am also the loving person especially towards the animal such as cat since I personally have a few cats that I enjoy to take care of them. Additionally, I am very passionate towards my hobby which is cycling the adventure downhill bike with my younger brother and as well as my father. Surprisingly, I have brought my hobby into the several stages for winning during the competition organized by SUKMA Other than that, I also love to decorate the interior living space especially my room since it feels like a therapy to see the tidy and mesmerize room. In conclusion, above are the information about myself and I am looking to be the better person and succesful person in the future.