What Are My highest Achievement ?

Primarily, one of the dominant achievements that I have received and to be mentioned is absolutely in the aspect of sport field which notorious as the mountain bike. In this context, I have experienced to be part of the competitors to compete in the prestige tournament of SUKMA that was held in Melaka previously in the year 2018. Most importantly, through all of the hard work that I have given out during the tournament, I managed to get the 4th placing out of the 16 states rider that were competing during that time. Indeed, eventhough I am not able to achieve the podium for representing my state, I believe that I have done my best and obviously I will try the best in the future if I will be given such opportunity especially in the sport of mountain bike.

Apart from that, i have also represented my state in competing at the national level known as Asia Mountain Bike Championship which was held at tambunan, Sabah. In fact, there a a various competitor from abroad such as Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Indonesia. In this case, i have clinhed the position of 15th out of 33 competitor, which has made me proud. This is well to be said because, at the age of 18 years old i was able to compete with the senior rider in elite category form all around the asia.

Therefore, for me that is my highest achievement in co-curiculum activities in my entire life, which has made me proud as well as my family due to my capabalities and my oppurtunity to growth well in the sport industry known as Mountain Biking. Beside, it has provided me a valuable experience and exposure in and effort to become better in person as a sportman as well as a adolecense.

"All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them !